Don Vaccaro’s success has blessed him with means to help others in a meaningful way. In addition to his company’s three areas of philanthropic focus – assistance to those affected by cancer, wounded warriors and urban development – he also continues to support causes of importance to him, including youth organizations, the arts, education, and the disabled through his charitable foundation.

In his effort to support the arts, in 2014 Vaccaro donated the use of a lighthouse he owns on Mistake Island near Jonesport, ME, for a filmTo Keep the Light. He also donated $50,000 to build a set for the movie.

Vaccaro is also a strong supporter of protecting the environment, and has nurtured several ventures including an animal sanctuary, community garden and farm on his property, and has recently started a tree farm. In 2014, TicketNetwork® was awarded the Beautification Award for its garden and farm, and Business of the Year by the South Windsor Chamber of Commerce.

Vaccaro and his companies have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to worthy causes including education groups, veteran support organizations, and community development projects. In 2016, he was honored in Hartford, CT, for providing key funding for the building of a church in a federally designated Promise Zone construction project.

He, along with longtime associate Rev. Dr. Boise Kimber, in February 2016 launched Grace Church Websites, a company which provides free websites to churches and non-profits. In less than a month, 100 churches nationally had launched websites, according to news sources.